Tesari Charitable Foundation

Tesari programs work to Increase opportunities for marginalized people to augment their income through free, hands-on training.

Since 2012, the Magdalena Santa Ana Charitable Foundation’s free livelihood training courses have been helping disadvantaged people in Toledo City, Cebu. Through the knowledge acquired at free training classes, these groups can try to supplement their monthly income. Hands-on sessions are conducted by professionals from Manila who have extensive experience in their skills. Courses are offered on such subjects as basic carpentry, fresh flower arrangement, commercial painting, basic quilt making, toy stuffing and bag making.

Attendees are also taught how to market their products and skills and are provided with a start-up kit to help them begin working on their own.

The administrators of the Magdalena Santa Ana Charitable Foundation, the agency for the community centre, oversee its daily operations. They are responsible for coordinating with the Department of Trade and Commerce on the programs being offered to the community to measure their effectiveness and demand. They also manage and run the school and museum. The administrators report directly to the Tesari Charitable Foundation in Canada.

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