Tesari Charitable Foundation

Tesari Foundation programs offer medical assistance and preventive care to low-income communities in and around Toledo.

Dr. James Yared Gaite, MD
Dr. Gaite is the Medical Director of the Lebumfacil-Santa Ana Medical Foundation, the Philippine agent of Tesari Charitable Foundation, Canada. He received his medical degree from the Cebu Institute of Medicine and a Certificate in Dermatology from the Institute of Dermatology in Bangkok, Thailand.

In 2000, he pursued his calling for medical charity works, and is one of the founding trustees of the local foundation.

Lebumfacil-Santa Ana Medical Center
Since 2006, Tesari has operated a healthcare clinic that offers general health care, vaccination, dental care and cataracts treatment in Toledo, a town near Cebu City.

Barangay Visits
We visit 38 barangays and barrios a month to provide free medical services and nutrition support to people who cannot reach the healthcare clinic.

Nutrition Support
Since 2006, Tesari has delivered nutrition support to children, helping them to reach their full development potential. Multi-vitamin syrup bottles are provided to around 15,000 children a month, which helps to bridge essential nutrient gaps.

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