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Dr. Kevin Kain, MD, FRCPC
Dr. Kain is a Professor of Medicine, University of Toronto, the Director of the Sandra Rotman Centre for Global Health, holds a Canada Research Chair in Molecular Parasitology, and is the Science Director, Tropical Disease Unit, at The Toronto General Hospital. Dr. Kain has worked extensively in the tropics and sub-tropics including New Guinea, Madagascar, Uganda, Laos, Thailand, the Amazon basin and the Philippines.

The Tesari Foundation financially supports the work of Dr. Kain who is conducting studies of children with fever from Africa and the Philippines in order to discover biomarkers and simple tools predictive of life-threatening infections, including pneumonia, sepsis, malaria and severe dengue. The Philippines Dengue Project is being conducted in the Lebumfacil-Santa Ana Medical Center, Toledo City, Cebu.

The development of rapid diagnostic tests for the early detection of infections and inexpensive “precision medicine” treatments will help to improve childhood survival in low-resource settings where the needs are the greatest.

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