Tesari Charitable Foundation

Dr. Isaac I. Bogoch, MD, MS, FRCPC, DTM&H
Clinician and Researcher, Toronto General Hospital (TGH)
Dr. Bogoch’s clinical and research interests are in infectious tropical diseases and HIV. He works with an international and interdisciplinary team that develops and implements innovative diagnostic tools for neglected tropical diseases in resource-constrained settings.

Support from the Tesari Charitable Foundation has enabled TGH to improve the lives of those at risk of infectious diseases in Nepal. After the devastating

earthquake in 2015, we helped set up an Infectious Disease Response Team to evaluate and treat infectious outbreaks in areas cut off by the earthquake.

Tesari helped to fund the purchase of critical laboratory infrastructure and training of local laboratory technicians and microbiologists to better care for those affected by infectious diseases that are common in Nepal. The funding has also supported community-based Public Health projects to further understand the dynamics of infection transmission in community settings, and help mitigate the burden of these infections in both individuals and populations.

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