Tesari Charitable Foundation
The Tesari Charitable Foundation operates primarily in Toledo, a small agricultural city near Cebu City. It was founded in 2005 by Lilian and Michael Overs in response to the pressing needs of the Toledo community. Lilian Overs was born in Toledo City and has a long family history there; her great grandfather was the city’s first mayor. She therefore wanted to give back to the place where she grew up. What began as a medical centre in 2006 quickly grew into an ambitious and comprehensive program that encompasses health care, community building, economic development and landscape sustainability.
Although the Tesari Foundation operates primarily in the Philippines, we also donate to registered charitable organizations in Canada. Some of our regular donees include: Toronto Western and General Hospital; Sunnybrook Hospital Foundation; The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation; The Scott Mission; Holland Bloorview Kids; St. Michael’s Hospital Foundation; and The Ontario College of Art and Design.