Tesari Charitable Foundation

We have two agents in the Philippines who execute the projects funded by the Tesari Charitable Foundation.

Lebumfacil-Santa Ana Medical Foundation, Inc, Toledo City, Philippines
The Lebumfacil-Santa Ana Medical Foundation is responsible for running the Lebumfacil-Santa Ana Medical Center and the healthcare programs. The clinic offers general health care, vaccination, dental care and cataracts treatment. They oversee visits to barangays and barrios to provide free medical services and nutrition support to people who cannot reach the healthcare clinic.

The Magdalena Santa-Ana Foundation, Inc, Toledo City, Philippines
The Magdalena Santa-Ana Foundation organizes the adult livelihood education programs which are offered through the Capilla Santa Ana and runs the pre-school community centre in the chapel.

It manages the Don Lorenzo and Dona Paula Veloso Lebumfacil Children’s Park and also maintains the Capilla Santa Ana, Museum and Community Centre and its gardens.